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Frequently Asked Questions

Kontakt Questions

Q. Will the Kontakt libraries work in Kontakt Player?

A. No, only as time limited demos.

Q. Why don't you support Kontakt 3?

A. We are using some scripting features that are only available in Kontakt 4 & 5.

Q. Will the libraries work in Kontakt 5?

A. Yes, everything has been tested in Kontakt 5.

Ableton Live Questions

Q. Why are the Ableton libraries smaller downloads than the Kontakt versions?

This is a result of the compression algorithms that Live use to create a Live Pack. The number of presets and samples is the same as the Kontakt versions unless stated otherwise.

Q. How do I install the Live Pack?

A. Have a read through the included PDF guide, or follow the video instructions here.

Apple Logic Questions

Q. Why isn't there a Logic version of the Solina String Ensemble?

A. Currently, there's no elegant way to mix voice groups in the EXS24 and this is one of the main features of the Solina. If the EXS24 is ever updated, we will look at this again.

Reason Questions

Q. Why are the Reason libraries smaller downloads than the Kontakt versions?

A. This is because of the way that Refils are compressed. The samples are the same resolution as the Kontakt versions.

Purchasing Questions

Q. Can I pay by card instead of Paypal?

A. Yes. Our payments are processed securely by PayPal, but you can pay by credit card without setting up a PayPal account.

Q. I have an EU VAT number, how do I make a purchase?

A. Contact us stating which products you'd like to purchase, with your VAT ID and company name. We'll then send a pro forma invoice without VAT and as soon as payment is received, you'll receive the download links.