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From Ones and Zeros...

Welcome to Binary Music. We produce sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live, Apple Logic and Propellerheads Reason. From vintage analogue classics like the ARP Odyssey or Solina, to digital classics such as the Ensoniq SQ80 or Yamaha TX81Z. Every single sample is professionally recorded and edited with care and attention to detail.

  • ARP Odyssey Tile

    101 Sampled instruments from a MkIII ARP Odyssey. Available for Kontakt, Live, Logic and Reason.

    £17 €20 $23

  • Valve 4 Op Tile

    112 Sampled instruments from a Yamaha TX81Z, made from 2,342 individual samples.

    £17 €20 $23

  • Solina Tile

    Classic ARP string ensemble. Every note of every setting sampled with and without modulation. Three round robins.

    £17 €20 $23

  • Crosswave Tile

    133 Sampled instruments from an Ensoniq SQ80 - a digital synth with analogue Curtis filters.

    £17 €20 $23

  • Electrophonics Tile

    An eclectic collection of sounds inspired by The Radiophonic Workshop. Modular synths and processed acoustic instruments.

    £17 €20 $23

  • PD1000 Tile

    A collection of instruments sampled from a Casio CZ100 - the full size version of a CZ101. Most Famously used by Vince Clarke.

    £17 €20 $23